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Some bands blast out of the gate and never recapture their early energy. Other bands establish themselves as models of consistency. And then there are bands like the Old 97s, who blast out of the gate, establish themselves as models of consistency, take a while to find themselves, and then, fifteen years in, deliver a record that sums up everything about them that fans have always loved. Blame It On Gravity, the latest Old 97’s record has made a definitive statement.
Gossip is a band consisting of: Beth Ditto (vocals), Brace Paine (guitar, bass,) and Hannah Blilie (drums). Gossip is one of pop music's most uncompromised bands. In April 2008, they put all of their personal relationships and other commitments on hold to celebrate "Gossip - Live In Liverpool." Gossip was chosen as the featured artist in MTV's "52/52" campaign which is a new way to give 'unprecedented exposure" to unsigned artists, and 'indie bands', in a completely new and innovative way. Recently they made an appearance on the David Letterman Show


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