¨  "Mr. Fielding is a filmmaker with a lot of skill ... and a lot of heart!"

WNET Thirteen New York, NY. (PBS)

¨  "Fielding has the keen insight to peel back the layers of an event and find deeper meaning in the time, characters, history and emotions of the period."

National Educational Telecommunications Association (PBS)

¨  "It’s terrific! The documentary style of Director Rory Fielding makes me think of Ken Burns, yet this piece is literally more poetic"

Fred Flaxman, WXEL-TV West Palm Beach, FL

¨  "I think you captured the history and emotion of the period better than anything I’ve seen."

Author & NY Post Columnist, Maury Allen

¨  "The most accurate depiction of the feeling among Brooklyn fans after that World Series"


¨  "I enjoyed 1955 immensely, I’ve heard from lots of grateful old Brooklynites"

Florida Sun Sentinel

¨  "Wonderful film ... it’s the best on the 55 Dodgers!"

Los Angeles Dodgers

¨  "I love the Fast Focus fillers... Thanks for helping me - keep up the good work with your killer fillers!"

KLCS-TV Los Angeles, CA

¨  "We really enjoy the Fast Focus fillers and we use them in our schedule whenever we can. The quality and the content are wonderful! Keep up the great work!"

WYES, New Orleans, LA

¨  "I thought the George Harrison fillers were great! I like that you do a variety of artists as well …"

Milwaukee Public Television

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KAKM, Anchorage, AK

¨  "Thanks for the high quality and topic selection."

KCWC TV/ Wyoming Public Television

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David Grusko, Winnipeg, Canada

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Mark Jones, Milwaukee, WI



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