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April, 2017


EPISODE 8502 - Chef MD 603 P2
Learn amazing recipes form CHEF MD!


EPISODE 8501 - Chef MD 603 P1
Learn fantastic recipes from CHEF MD!


EPISODE 8500 - Wine, Food, & More (Pilot)
Join Spencer Christian on a journey of California's Best


February, 2014


EPISODE 8440 - Alexander Koriotis and the Rock Opera Orchestra
A unique blend of Rock and Opera flows through this artist.


August, 2011


EPISODE 8410 - Miami Contemporary Dance Company
The world-wide acclaimed Miami Dance Company celebrates its 11th year.


July, 2013


EPISODE 8350 - Vince Gill and Paul Franklin
Paul and Vince talk about their instruments and music.


EPISODE 8340 - Bob Marley - Legend Remixed
Top DJ’s remix a legendary album.


EPISODE 8330 - Rod Stewart - Time
Rod Discusses his long career and songwriting.


EPISODE 8320 - Robert Randolph and the Family Band
Robert talks of his family's roots and music.


EPISODE 8310 - Audra McDonald - Go Back Home
Audra discusses what music hits her emotions.


March, 2013


EPISODE 8250 - Frenchy - King of Oak Street
Check out the life of New Orleans' most celebrated artist.


February, 2013


EPISODE 8240 - Don Williams
Don Williams talks about his music.


EPISODE 8230 - BJ Thomas - The Living Room Sessions
BJ Thomas does unplugged versions of his hits.


EPISODE 8220 - Cirque Du Soleil - Worlds Away
James Cameron brings live theater experience using 3D technology.


EPISODE 8210 - Les Miserables - Singing Live
The cast talks about singing live on film.


October, 2012


EPISODE 8190 - Tristan Prettyman
After a 4-year break, Tristan discusses her newest music.


EPISODE 8180 - Bat For Lashes - The Haunted Man
Natasha Khan creates a musical autibiography.


EPISODE 8170 - A Fine Frenzy - Pines
Alison Sudol draws musical inspiration from nature.


EPISODE 8160 - Norah Jones - Little Broken Hearts
Danger Mouse and Norah Jones discuss their music.


EPISODE 8150 - Keith Harkin
This new artist comes to us from Northern Ireland.


EPISODE 8140 - Chastity Brown - After You
Chastity Brown sings in an uplifting live performance.


EPISODE 8130 - Ena Vie - Earth Prayer
A beautiful song to raise Earth awareness.


EPISODE 8120 - Jamey Johnson - A Tribute to Hank Cochran
Jamey pays tribute to the legendary songwriter Hank Cochran.


EPISODE 8110 - Sarah Brightman - Angel
Check out the world's greatest Soprano.


EPISODE 8020 - "The Escape"- Animation Short
New animation short directed by Andre Surya.


EPISODE 8010 - The Beach Boys 50th Anniversary
The Beach Boys celebrate 50 years of making music.


June, 2012


EPISODE 7910 - George Harrison - Living In The Material World
A new film directed by Martin Scorsese centered on Harrison's life.


May, 2012


A Rory Fielding award winning film about the iconic 1955 World Series.


EPISODE 7830 - Strangers - Shine On You
Check out 'Strangers' a new UK band.


EPISODE 7820 - Glen Frey - After Hours
Glen Frey takes a trip down memory lane.


EPISODE 7810 - Lisa Marie Presley - Storm & Grace
Lisa Marie Presley talks about life and making music.


March, 2012


EPISODE 7730 - The Yes Yes Yalls - Earth to Pluto
An outdated robot trys to make his way in this modern age.


EPISODE 7720 - Haley Reinhart - Free
Haley struts her stuff with this catchy new single.


EPISODE 7710 - Elvis Costello - Spectacular Spinning Songbook
Elvis takes showmanship to a new level.


February, 2012


EPISODE 7640 - Celtic Woman - Believe
Extremely talented musical female group gives amazing performance.


EPISODE 7630 - Susan Justice - Eat Dirt
A new star on the scene talks about making an album.


EPISODE 7620 - Lionel Richie - Tuskegee
A behind the scenes look into Lionel's latest triumph.


EPISODE 7610 - La carte
New short film and winner of the Best Shorts Award.


December, 2011


EPISODE 7550 - Sting - 25 Years Part 3
Sting discusses his solo career, Part 3


EPISODE 7540 - Sting - 25 Years Part 2
Sting discusses his solo career, Part 2


EPISODE 7530 - Sting - 25 Years Part 1
Sting discusses his solo career, Part 1


November, 2011


EPISODE 7510 - Randy Newman - Live In London
Randy Talks about his Music and Performance.


July, 2009


EPISODE 7410 - The Soloist
The cast and crew describe the making of this heart-felt movie


May, 2009


EPISODE 7330 - Revolutionary Road - Richard Yates Story
Learn of the author who wrote the book REVOLUTIONARY ROAD.


EPISODE 7320 - Defiance - Children of the Otraid
Learn about the real people who inspired the movie


EPISODE 7310 - Corneille
The making of THE BIRTH OF CORNELIUS' and his music


January, 2009


EPISODE 7210 - Within Temptation - Black Symphony
This Dutch band talks about their career & performing with a symphony.


August, 2008


EPISODE 7150 - Robin Thicke
Robin discusses his music and thoughts on life


EPISODE 7140 - Wild Sweet Orange & Chris Difford
Featuring Wild Sweet Orange and Chris Difford


EPISODE 7130 - Sharon Little & Dave Barnes
Featuring Sharon Little & Dave Barnes


July, 2008


EPISODE 7120 - New Morning Jacket & Keaton Simons
Featuring My Morning Jacket & Keaton Simons


EPISODE 7110 - The Del McCoury Band & Gaelic Storm
Featuring The Del McCoury Band & Gaelic Storm


June, 2008


EPISODE 7040 - The Futureheads & Hayden
Featuring The Futureheads & Hayden


EPISODE 7030 - Langhorne Slim & Chambao
Featuring Langhorne Slim & Chambao


EPISODE 7020 - OLD 97s & Gossip
Featuring OLD 97s & Gossip


EPISODE 7010 - Ingrid Michaelson & Nicole Atkins
Featuring Ingrid Michaelson & Nicole Atkins


April, 2008


EPISODE 6940 - Through The Eyes of Madness
An animated featurette about the book of the same name.


EPISODE 6930 - Paddy Casey & "Once" Soundtrack
Learn about Casey's new effort and the film "Once"


EPISODE 6920 - Virginia Coalition
Watch the latest video of this explosive new band


EPISODE 6910 - Kathy Mettea
Kathy talks about what its like to grow up in a West Virginian Coal Mining town.


March, 2008


EPISODE 6830 - NMM North Mississippi Allstars & The Black Crowes
Featuring North Mississippi Allstars & The Black Crowes


EPISODE 6820 - NMM Ray Davies & Mike Doughty
Featuring Ray Davies & Mike Doughty


EPISODE 6810 - BB King Live
BB sings a live version of "When Love Comes To Town"


January, 2008


EPISODE 6760 - Heart Monitoring
A look at a new non-evasive approach to heart monitoring.


EPISODE 6750 - Steve Earle - Washington Square Serenade
Steve talks about the creation of his latest album.


EPISODE 6740 - Jeremy Fisher
This Canadian Born singer has a unique take on music.


EPISODE 6730 - Jon McLaughlin
This pianist, singer/songwriter shares his latest works


EPISODE 6720 - Kenny 'Babyface' Edmonds
This singer, songwriter, and producer takes on a new direction.


EPISODE 6710 - Ike Reilly
Ike talks about his music and performs an original song.


October, 2007


EPISODE 6640 - Queen Latifah
The Queen performs from her latest release "Trav'lin' Light"


EPISODE 6630 - Alana Grace
This emerging star writes & performs songs that are true to her heart.


EPISODE 6620 - Diana Krall - The Very Best Of
Diana discusses the music that's inspired her over the years.


EPISODE 6610 - Herbie Hancock - River: The Joni Letters
Herbie talks about the music off his latest release.


September, 2007


EPISODE 6540 - 54 Seconds
A focus in on this versatile new band led by Spencer Gibb.


EPISODE 6530 - Where Do You Sleep?
The Aureole Trio and Opera Star Heidi Grant Murphy perform a lullaby.


EPISODE 6520 - Loreena McKennitt - Alhambra
An accomplished artist, Loreena takes her sound to the Alhambra.


EPISODE 6510 - Luciana Souza
A look into the amazing Luciana Souza and her new album- THE NEW BOSSA NOVA


August, 2007


EPISODE 6470 - Melanoma Awareness
Detecting warning signs of Skin Cancer.


EPISODE 6460 - Park City, Utah
A scenic and historic view of this American City.


EPISODE 6450 - Griffin House
An artist reveals a wealth of soulfulness and sincerity beyond his years.


EPISODE 6440 - Chantal Kreviazuk
This talented new artists brings honesty to her songwriting process.


EPISODE 6430 - The Perishers
The Perishers are a Swedish indie rock band who love to play music.


EPISODE 6420 - Billy Ray Cyrus - Home At Last
Billy talks about his latest album and the love that inspired it.


EPISODE 6410 - A Tribute To Ella Fitzgerald
Several Artists, young and old, pay tribute to the First Lady of Song.


July, 2007


EPISODE 6350 - No More Kings
On their debut video this new band does a spoof on the Karate Kid.


EPISODE 6340 - Raul Malo
The founder of the Mavericks performs a twist on an old song.


EPISODE 6330 - Dream Theater
A 20-year hard rock dynasty continues...


EPISODE 6320 - 12 Girls Band
A new all girls band from China creates quite a stir!


EPISODE 6310 - Bon Jovi - Lost Highway
Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora describe their experience in Nashville.


May, 2007


EPISODE 6230 - Dolores O'Riordan
This former 'The Cranberries' front woman sparks her first solo tour.


EPISODE 6220 - The Beach Boys - 'The Warmth of the Sun'
The Beach Boys discuss their music and their latest release.


EPISODE 6210 - Esophagectomy
A less invasive approach to helping Esophagus Cancer victims.


February, 2007


EPISODE 6190 - Gladys Knight
Gladys tributes her inspirations in her new album.


EPISODE 6180 - Amy Speace
This former actress spawns an interesting music career.


EPISODE 6170 - Power In You
Collin Raye, a country singer, is lending his talent to help Utah kids.


EPISODE 6160 - Diana Krall - Little Girl Blue
Diana Krall performs from her new album.


EPISODE 6150 - Van Morrison - Days Like This
Van Performs a song from his new movie soundtrack album.


EPISODE 6140 - Al Green
Al Green celebrates 40 years of his soul-transcendent music career.


EPISODE 6130 - Diana Ross - I Love You
Diana Ross discusses and sings the music that inspires her.


EPISODE 6120 - Dave Koz - At The Movies
Dave reflects on 'At The Movies' with Phil Ramone & Al Schmitt.


EPISODE 6110 - Beatles - 'Love'
The Beatles add a new dimension to their music.


December, 2006


EPISODE 6020 - 12 Dogs of Christmas
A "Behind the Scenes" look into the making of this Christmas film.


EPISODE 6010 - Katie Melua
This Russian born artist talks about her music and her views


November, 2006


EPISODE 5960 - Nirvana
A performance of 'Lithium' from a live concert in 1992.


EPISODE 5950 - Jon Peter Lewis
Former 'American Idol' star sprouts out on his own with his debut album.


EPISODE 5940 - Rhythms Del Mundo, Cuba
A collection of various artists contribute their art to a worthy cause.


EPISODE 5930 - Mannheim Steamroller - 'Joy To The World'
Live in Concert with this their version of this Christmas classic.


EPISODE 5920 - George Jones & Merle Haggard
Two architects of country music have reunited to sing each other songs.


EPISODE 5910 - Peter Frampton
Peter collaborates with various other artists on his new album.


EPISODE 5860 - Emmylou Harris & Mark Knopfler
These two artists team up on this heartfelt album.


EPISODE 5850 - Jonny Lang
This soulful guitarist and singer discusses his life and latest work.


EPISODE 5840 - Blue October - 'Hate Me'
A behind the scenes look into the making if the 'Hate Me' video.


EPISODE 5830 - Robert Plant
This Rock legend discusses his solo career over the last 20 years.


EPISODE 5820 - Sam Moore
A look into soul music legend Sam Moore and his latest album.


EPISODE 5810 - Eric Clapton & J.J. Cale
These two team up for the first time on 'The Road to Escondido'.


October, 2006


EPISODE 5770 - Jonathan Butler - We Need You Lord
This artist performs at the Gospel Goes Classical Concert.


EPISODE 5760 - Open Season - I Wanna Lose Control (Uh Oh)
Deathray sings this cool hit from the movie 'OPEN SEASON'


EPISODE 5750 - Chantal Chamandy - You Want Me
This international diva tells us what defines her.


EPISODE 5740 - Lindsey Buckingham
Lindsey talks about his life, music, and his first solo album in 10 years.


EPISODE 5730 - Nelly Furtado - Making of Maneater
Fast Focus features Nelly creating the video from Maneater.


EPISODE 5720 - James Hunter
Hunter is a modern singer who embraces the R&B sounds of the past


EPISODE 5710 - Sean Lennon
Sean performs "Dead Meat" from his film "Friendly Fire"


September, 2006


A Fast Focus Original Series hosted by 4 Times Grammy Nominated, Dave Koz.


Excerpts of the award winning '1955 Seven Days of Fall'


EPISODE 5650 - Hank Williams (long vrs)
More to the story of Hank Williams


EPISODE 5640 - Brian Rolland
The music of an accomplished acoustic guitar player and composer.


EPISODE 5630 - Chantal Chamandy
An in-depth look into this international up and coming star.


EPISODE 5620 - Mannheim Steamroller-'Monster Mash'
Composer Chip Davis takes aim at Halloween with Monster Mash.


EPISODE 5610 - Mannheim Steamroller-'Creatures of the Night'
Mannheim Steamroller composer and founder Chip Davis, known for Christmas music now takes aim at Halloween.


August, 2006


EPISODE 5590 - Tom Petty
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers perform the classic rock tune, 'Refugee'.


EPISODE 5580 - Billy Ray Cyrus - Wanna Be Your Joe
Billy Ray performs his latest hit - 'Wanna Be Your Joe'.


EPISODE 5570 - Nelly Furtado - Loose
Nelly discusses and performs her new album 'Loose'.


EPISODE 5560 - Steve Earle
This alternative country artist discusses and performs his music


EPISODE 5550 - Flying Burrito Brothers
A 60's flashback of this inspirational country/rock band.


EPISODE 5540 - Todd Snider
This humoristic renegade country star performs 'Looking For A Job'


EPISODE 5530 - Johnny Cash - American Recordings
This legend performs and talks about his last works.


EPISODE 5520 - Willie Nelson - She is Gone
This Outlaw Country star performs one of his signature tunes .


EPISODE 5510 - Hank Williams
A country music pioneer's legacy lives on in this segment.


July, 2006


EPISODE 5460 - JT Steele - Day is Short
JT Steele performing Life Is Short.


EPISODE 5450 - Billy Ray Cyrus
Billy Ray performs Achy Breaky Heart.


EPISODE 5420 - Ben Harper
Singer/Songwriter Ben Harper is an artist that defies categorization.


EPISODE 5410 - Johnny Cash - A Hundred Highways
Johnny Cash and Rick Rubin Collaborated on Cash's last album.


June, 2006


EPISODE 5350 - Corinne Bailey Rae
Fast Focus Presents this talented emerging artist from the UK.


EPISODE 5340 - KT Tunstall-The Black Horse and the Cherry Tree
KT Tunstall performs Black Horse and The Cherry Tree


EPISODE 5330 - Nathaniel Street-West
This Emerging artist is a poetic messenger through his music.


EPISODE 5320 - Prairie Home Campanion- My Minnesota Home
Fast Focus presents a performance featured on the Soundtrack showcasing Lily Tomlin and Merrill Streep performing My Minnesota Home.


EPISODE 5310 - Steve Miller- Fly Like an Eagle
Steve Miller talks about his career, his songs and the stories behind them.


May, 2006


EPISODE 5230 - Hoobastank
Listen and learn about the music of Hoobastank.


EPISODE 5220 - Prairie Home Companion - Whoop-I-Ti-Yi-Yo
Garrison Keillor's long running public radio show, A Prairie Home Companion, is now the center of a Robert Altman film of the same name.


EPISODE 5210 - Niger Families Desperate for Clean Water
For one woman, Kilma, finding water is a 30 minute round trip, a trip she will make 15 times today


April, 2006


EPISODE 5150 - Helping Disabled Pakistan Earthquake Survivors
UNICEF is helping Pakistans Disabled earthquake survivors.


EPISODE 5140 - Nutrition Crisis in Africa
U.N. appeals for help in Africa's starving Sahel Region.


EPISODE 5130 - Music of Sonya Kitchell
The life and music of this talented 17 year old.


EPISODE 5110 - The Canadian Seal Hunt
Canada's contentious seal hunt will soon start. Paul McCartney and his wife, Heather Mills McCartney, who took to the ice flows in the Gulf of St. Lawrence called the practice a "stain on the character of the Canadian people."


March, 2006


EPISODE 5050 - Steve Tyrell Performs Disney
Artist and producer Steve Tyrell interprets the music of some of the Disney Classic animated films.


EPISODE 5040 - Scouts Are Taught Conservation
Scouts attending the National Scout Jamboree learned about the science of conservation. Bob Ellison reports.


EPISODE 5030 - Wine Ladies - Red Grapes
Great news for all red wine lovers, not only is red wine good for your heart, but its great for your skin too!


EPISODE 5020 - The Corrs - Home
Born and raised as a close-knit family in Dundalk, The Corrs discuss their new album.


EPISODE 5010 - Willie Nelson - You Don't Know Me
In this exclusive video Willie Nelson sings an old country classic.


February, 2006


EPISODE 4990 - The Redwalls Promo
From the creators of Fast Focus TV comes this new reality series based on a new up and coming band.


EPISODE 4910 - Wine Ladies - 'Tannins'
The Wine Ladies explain 'Tannins'


January, 2006


EPISODE 4850 - Mount Saint Helens Revisited
After over 25 years of aftermath from the Mount Saint Helens Eruption in 1980, we take a look at the progress of the rebirth of this formerly desolate area.


EPISODE 4840 - The Wine Ladies - Premiere
When it comes to pairing wine and food, does the old axiom of red with red and white with white still apply?


EPISODE 4830 - Tribute to John Lennon-Imagine
A rare video of this beautiful performance


EPISODE 4820 - Monterey Bay Aquarium - Inspiring Ocean Conservation
The non-profit Monterey Bay Aquariums mission is to inspire and conserve our oceans.


EPISODE 4810 - Music of Josh Turner
Josh Turner reflects on his life and music


December, 2005


EPISODE 4760 - Nirvana-In Bloom
A video from the music groups Nirvana's archives


EPISODE 4750 - Kanye West
An in-depth look into this Rap-Artist's life and music


EPISODE 4730 - Diana Krall-New Years Eve
A Holiday Performance by this talented singer


EPISODE 4720 - Brian Wilson(long vrs)
Brian Wilson Resurrects his unfinished masterpiece. Includes a Performance.


EPISODE 4710 - Our New Orleans - Katrina Benefit
Various artists pay tribute to New Orleans for those affected by Hurricane Katrina


November, 2005


EPISODE 4650 - Diana Krall-Jingle Bells
Diana Krall's performance of an old Christmas Classic.


EPISODE 4640 - Music of Motown Remixed
Remixers get a shot at remixing classic Motown Hits.


EPISODE 4630 - Music of Reba McEntire
A heartwarming look at the career and music of an American Entertainer.


EPISODE 4620 - The Music of Cat Stevens
Cat Stevens Explains his music and his spiritual awakening


EPISODE 4610 - Legend of Johnny Cash
50 years of legendary music from Johnny Cash


October, 2005


EPISODE 4540 - Music of Pianist Jim Brickman
Pianist Jim Brickman pays tribute to timeless Disney musical songs


EPISODE 4530 - Music of Bon Jovi
Bon Jovi Discusses and performs Have a Nice Day in this Fast Focus music feature


EPISODE 4520 - Music of Melissa Etheridge
Melissa Etheridge reflects on her life after being diagnosed with cancer and its effect on her music.


EPISODE 4510 - Rolling Stones - A Bigger Bang
A behind the scenes look into the making of The Rolling Stone's new album


September, 2005


EPISODE 4430 - Tribute to Jackie Robinson - Short
A short tribute to Jackie Robinson's legacy


EPISODE 4420 - Reconstructing Child Mummy
New technology recreates 3D models of a child mummy


EPISODE 4410 - Herbie Hancock Collaborates With Music Legends
Herbie Hancock Collaborates With Music Legends


August, 2005


EPISODE 4340 - Fishing In Guam
4-H members on the Pacific island of Guam are learning life lessons through fishing.


EPISODE 4330 - Shelby Lynne, 'Suit Yourself'
A Behind the Scenes look at Shelby Lynne's new album.


EPISODE 4320 - Brian Wilson Performs 'Heroes & Villians'
Brian Wilson performs Heroes and Villians from his lost work, Smile at the London Royal Festival Hall live for the first time. A public television exclusive from Fast Focus.


EPISODE 4310 - Brian Wilson Creating SMiLE
Brian Wilson resurrects his famous unfinished masterpiece.


July, 2005


EPISODE 4280 - Biological Treasure
NOAA's new Office of Exploration creates a new program to search for deep sea organisms with bio-pharmaceutical potential.


EPISODE 4270 - Marine Animal Models for Human Diseases
Dr. Albert Smith works to educate his fellow physicians about the valuable insights simple marine animals can provide for better understanding of human diseases.


EPISODE 4260 - Rebuilding Fish Populations
A University of Miami marine researcher adapts a powerful calculus algorithm that predicts the environmental and human activity factors that affect the reef fish populations on Florida's coral reefs.


EPISODE 4250 - Accessing The Health of the World's Coral Reefs
Florida's Coral Reef Monitoring Program is recognized by coral reef sanctuary managers around the world for its accuracy in revealing the health of coral reefs.


EPISODE 4240 - The String Cheese Incident
The String Cheese Incident records their latest work at a home in the hills of Colorados Front Range.


EPISODE 4230 - The Music of ColdPlay
An in-depth look into ColdPlay's Music.


EPISODE 4220 - Tribute To Jackie Robinson
Robinson becomes the first American Negro to play in the Major Leagues.


EPISODE 4210 - Missing Kids
One organization has helped find more than 1,500 missing children and bring them home.


June, 2005


EPISODE 4150 - Images of Hope
1,200 cancer patients were asked to Go snap some pictures" of what gives them joy,peace and hope.


EPISODE 4140 - Running for a Cancer Cure
To celebrate his victory over cancer, pianist Martin Berkofsky set out on the run of his life.


EPISODE 4120 - Coldplay - Speed of Sound


May, 2005


All-Star Vocalists celebrate family and fatherhood


EPISODE 4010 - John Stevens - Red
Seventeen year old John Stevens, an American Idol finalist favors jazz, big band and swing music.


March, 2005


EPISODE 3822 - Frogman - Tim Cotterill
Fascinated by frogs and birds during his childhood adventures into the English woods, Tim Cotterill had no idea that he would someday be known as THE FROGMAN.


EPISODE 3820 - Ocean Vision - Deep Reef Conservation
for decades, many deep coral reefs have been subjected to destructive fishing techniques that flatten these ancient animal cities


EPISODE 3810 - Jellies "Living Art"
The Monterey Bay Aquarium is exploring the relationship between nature and artistic expression with its newest exhibit Jellies: Living Art.


February, 2005


EPISODE 3710 - Andrea Bocelli
Andrea Bocelli has developed into one of the best selling performers in the world, with a voice that evokes romance and emotion.


December, 2004


EPISODE 3592 - The 90 Second Gourmet - Chicken Breasts in Port Wine Raisin Sauce
This month, Chef Jean-Pierre prepares Chicken Breast with Port Wine & Raisin Sauce. As always, the simple recipe is delivered in 90 seconds. The hallmark of Jean Pierres cooking is gourmet meals prepared easily at home for families on the go.


EPISODE 3591 - The 90 Second Gourmet - Chocolate Fondant
Chef Jean-Pierre shows you how to whip up a mouth watering desert, Chocolate Fondant. As always, this simple recipe is delivered in 90 seconds. The hallmark of Jean Pierres cooking is gourmet meals prepared easily at home for families on the go.


EPISODE 3590 - The 90 Second Gourmet - Chicken Creole
Chef Jean-Pierre shares one of his favorite recipes, Chicken Creole. As always, the simple and healthy recipe is delivered in 90 seconds. The hallmark of Jean Pierres cooking is gourmet meals prepared easily at home for families on the go.


EPISODE 3580 - The 90 Second Gourmet - Traditional Caesar Salad
Chef Jean-Pierre shares his recipes for a Traditional Caesar Salad. Combined with Fresh Baked Croutons it is a salad the whole family will love.


EPISODE 3570 - The 90 Second Gourmet - Fresh Baked Croutons
Once you try these easy to make fresh baked croutons, you'll never go back to store bought box of croutons again.


EPISODE 3560 - The 90 Second Gourmet - Potato Crusted Salmon
Chef Jean-Pierre shares one of his favorite recipes, Potato Crusted Salmon. As always, this simple recipe is delivered in 90 seconds. The hallmark of all of Jean Pierres cooking Healthy, Gourmet meals prepared at home for families on the go.


EPISODE 3550 - The 90 Second Gourmet - Rum Raisin Rice Pudding
Chef Jean-Pierre shares with you his secret to making the best rice pudding dessert youve ever tasted.


EPISODE 3540 - The 90 Second Gourmet - Coq Au Vin
Chef Jean-Pierre shares his recipe for Coq Au Vin, a fancy word for a simple chicken dish, made with a red wine sauce. This is a recipe which is appropriate for both a dinner party or the family meal.


EPISODE 3530 - The 90 Second Gourmet - Raspberry Creme Brulee
If you usually burn your dinner you are already a step ahead - Chef Jean-Pierre is going to show you how to burn your dessert with his delicious recipe for Crme Brule.


EPISODE 3520 - The 90 Second Gourmet - Perfect Pork Chop!
Chef Jean-Pierre shares his recipe for The Perfect Pork Chop. Served with an incredible sauce made with onion and apples - this is a recipe the whole family will enjoy.


EPISODE 3510 - The Heartache of Darfur
A rare in-depth glimpse of life in Darfur, Sudan, refugee camps.


November, 2004


EPISODE 3460 - Kid Inventors
The creativity and inventiveness of children may have found a positive resource for harnessing it's potential and getting the recognition it deserves.


EPISODE 3450 - Joss Stone - Mind, Body & Soul
Joss Stone posses what has been described as a God given gift, a voice of uncommon strength, soulfulness and sensitivity.


EPISODE 3440 - Dr John - N'Awlinz, Dis, Dat or D'udda
Legendary piano man, Dr. John performs a heartfelt tribute to the city he loves, New Orleans.


EPISODE 3430 - The Gipsy Kings - Roots
The Gipsy Kings record their newest album "Roots", in south France, in the all acoustic gypsy tradition.


EPISODE 3420 - Page Turner Adventures - Painting With Words
Page shows Kenny how to bring his writing to life with sparkling, exciting, fantastic, marvelously descriptive words!


EPISODE 3410 - International Teachers Program
Each year specially selected teachers share a unique journey building cultural bridges across the world.


October, 2004


EPISODE 3360 - Hurricane Relief
US Department of Agriculture is working to make sure that damage from Hurricanes Charley, Frances, and now Jeanne doesnt result in more damage in the future. Bob Ellison Reports.


EPISODE 3350 - Safe Kids
Nearly 700 children die every year in motor vehicle related pedestrian accidents.


EPISODE 3340 - Coldplay - Moses
Fast Focus is proud to feature Coldplay perform Moses


EPISODE 3330 - Barry Manilow - Scores
Barry Manilow talks about and performs works from his Broadway shows, Copacabana and Harmony based on the story of Germanys Comedian Harmonists


EPISODE 3320 - Recent Ban on Caviar
The global trade of caviar has been halted by CITES, (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) a United Nations agency.


EPISODE 3310 - Page Turner Adventures - THIS IS ONLY A TEST!
Flash is nervous about taking the RATs (Rodent Achievement Test). Kenny gives him important test-taking tips he learned while taking the FCAT (Funny Clown Achievement Test).


September, 2004


EPISODE 3250 - World's Largest Wine Bottle Auctioned for Hunger
Measuring four and half feet tall, this record breaking bottle holds over 1200 glasses of wine.


EPISODE 3240 - New Overtime Rule
The Department of Labors new Overtime Security Rule recently went into effect.


EPISODE 3230 - Effective Parenting - Do As I Say, Not As I Did
Its not too long ago that parents of todays teens did some experimenting of their ownso what message do you send to your teen about drugs and alcohol?


EPISODE 3220 - Page Turner Adventures - THIS IS ONLY A TEST!
The introduction to a series of 40 hilarious stories designed to take the stress out of high-stakes testing while reinforcing important language arts concepts.


EPISODE 3210 - John Lennon - Love
Using material from her extensive archive, Executive Producer Yoko Ono and director Simon Hilton have created a stunning portrait that captures the multi-faceted genius of John Lennon and the special love John and Yoko shared.


August, 2004


EPISODE 3160 - National Parks Conservation Association - PSA
Bring history to life for you and your family by visiting a national park. America's Spirit lives on in our national parks.


EPISODE 3150 - Employee Owned Companies
While many businesses struggle with low morale and high turnover, a growing number are seeing that a change in structure can motivate employees and improve productivity.


EPISODE 3130 - Benefits of Cinnamon
Researchers say compounds in cinnamon could play a key roll in treating diabetes and other diseases.


EPISODE 3120 - The Whole of Greece In One Smile
To commemorate the Olympic Games in Athens, is a photomontage spanning over 5000 square feet and made up of almost 17,000 photos.


EPISODE 3110 - Bob Seger - Turn the Page
Bob Seger looks back on his musical career in this retrospective. Seger performs Turn The Page highlighted by footage from his years on the road.


July, 2004


EPISODE 3060 - Fighting Tree Killing Beetles
A USDA supported program is helping to stop a destructive pest in the Pacific Northwest.


EPISODE 3040 - Saving for College
A new program has been launched designed to assist parents in saving for their childrens college education.


EPISODE 3030 - International Student Environmental Contest
15 finalist teams, from 5 continents, spent a week in Gteburg, Sweden where they each presented 5 minute programs detailing plans to protect their local environment


EPISODE 3020 - Ocean Vision - Devastation of Elk Horn Coral
Elk Horn Coral is being decimated throughout the Caribbean at an alarming rate. The loss of this magnificent coral is equivalent to the loss of all the redwoods in Sequoia National Park.


EPISODE 3010 - Ocean Conservation Monterey Bay
Below the oceans surface is a world filled with creatures one might think could only live in the imagination. Unfortunately, if their natural habitats are not conserved, that might one day be true.


June, 2004


EPISODE 2950 - Fleetwood Mac - Dreams
According to music critic Patrick Donavan ... Fleetwood Mac is one of the great lost blues bands, the quintessence of California soft-rock and LA excess or one of the greatest pop groups of all time.


EPISODE 2940 - Supporting Children in The Child Welfare System
Each year, more than 500,000 children in the United States are thrust into court through no fault of their own.


EPISODE 2930 - Around the World for Parkinson's Disease
The Longitude Expedition is an overland adventure circumnavigating the globe, to raise awareness of Parkinson's Disease.


EPISODE 2920 - Child Passenger Safety
Injuries among children could be reduced if parents would always buckle up their children in a child safety seat appropriate for their age and size. According to the NHTSA claims at least four of five children who should ride in booster seats do not.


May, 2004


EPISODE 2850 - Nelly Furtado - Making of Try
Nelly Furtado takes us backstage, giving us a behind the scenes glimpses of the creation of her new music video Try followed by her performance. This stunningly shot video was directed by Sophie Muller.


EPISODE 2840 - Nelly Furtado - Try
A little bit folksy and a little bit funky, Nelly's follow-up to her 2000 hit debut mixes bongos, banjos and DJ-spun beats to create a truly original ethno-pop sound.


EPISODE 2820 - Miles For Kids In Need
Travel can become both financially and emotionally overwhelming for a family with a sick child. Miles For Kids in Need helps ease this burden and ensures that airfare is not a roadblock to proper treatment.


EPISODE 2810 - Freedom to Discover
Over the years, the Freedom to Discover Grant Program has contributed to new findings in AIDS, drug addiction, diabetes, cancer and other diseases.


April, 2004


EPISODE 2760 - Starsailor - Silence is Easy
A cathartic declaration that this is who I am, this is who we are.


EPISODE 2750 - Fleetwood Mac - Don't Stop
A live performance of Fleetwood Mac's classic hit, Dont Stop with help from the University of Southern California Trojans Band


EPISODE 2740 - Toxic Mold
In recent years the increase in claims of damage and illness attributed to Toxic Mold has risen at an alarming rate.


EPISODE 2720 - Pain & Depression
Depression affects 19 million Americans, much of which could be caused by chronic pain.


EPISODE 2710 - EPA - Air Quality Index
Machines turn the wheels of commerce and industry. However, some of them discharge gases and microscopic particles into the air that, over a period of time, could seriously affect your health.


EPISODE 2700 - Shelby Lynne in Concert
Check your local public television listings for this special one-hour concert. Join Shelby in New York City for an intimate performance featuring some of her newest songs including 'Telephone', 'Ten Rocks', 'If I Were Smart', 'Gotta Be Better' and 'Evil Man'.


March, 2004


EPISODE 2660 - In Response to Place - Photographs of Sally Mann
Sally Mann travels to the Yucatan to use color film in her antique, large format camera for the first time.


February, 2004


EPISODE 2650 - Wyoming Song
An inspiring peek at a majestic state featuring Wilford Brimley.


EPISODE 2640 - Street Children
A moving story highlighting the heart wrenching danger and despair abandoned children face worldwide.


EPISODE 2630 - Effective Parenting - Tips for Preventing Substance Use
Susan Kelleher shares strategies on helping to keep kids from using and abusing substances.


EPISODE 2620 - Rosanne Cash - September When it Comes
"September When it Comes" a moving duet between Rosanne Cash and her father.


EPISODE 2610 - George Harrison - This is Love
Featuring newly restored and released archival footage of George with his family and friends


EPISODE 2560 - Fighting Music Piracy
The illegal downloading of music from the Internet has cost the music industry billions of dollars in lost revenues.


EPISODE 2550 - From Food Scraps to Fine Wine
Thanks to one of the most innovative recycling program in America, food scraps which would have ended in landfills are collected, and turned into high quality compost.


EPISODE 2540 - In Response to Place - Photographs of Terry Evans
For two decades, Evans has photographed the remnants of what was once an ocean of grassland the tall grass prairie


EPISODE 2530 - New Alternative to Dropout Problem Among Young Adults
Kids who have failed or dropped out of school can now enroll in an alternative school such as the Life Skills Center in Elyria, Ohio.


EPISODE 2520 - Positive Parenting - Too Much Time Online
How do you protect your kids from online stalkers and porn as they explore the wonders of the World Wide Web? From the New York University Child Study Center.


EPISODE 2510 - Beatles 40th Anniversary - "I Want to Hold Your Hand"
February 16, 2004 marks the 40th Anniverdary of the Beatles U.S. debut on the Ed Sullivan Show.


January, 2004


EPISODE 2420 - In Response to Place - Photographs of Annie Leibovitz
Best known for her celebrity portraits, Leibovitz this time chose to create landscapes of the Shawangunk Mountains near her country home in upstate New York.


EPISODE 2410 - America On The Move
Advances in transportation have profoundly affected all our lives. Visitors can now experience the American road experience at a new exhibit at the Smithsonian.


December, 2003


EPISODE 2340 - John Lennon - "Mind Games"
Restored - never before broadcast - footage of John enjoying New York City.


EPISODE 2330 - John Lennon - "Starting Over"
This PBS exclusive music video was created by legendary director Joe Pytka


EPISODE 2320 - The Beatles - "Don't Let Me Down"
This is the record The Beatles first set out to make back in 1969 - but which was never released as they intended.


EPISODE 2310 - The Beatles - "Get Back"
Fast Focus is privileged to offer this exclusive footage.


Advances in technology are helping break the stereotypical image of the stodgy little, although ecologically superior, hybrid automobile.


EPISODE 2240 - Crush Camp - The Fine Art of Wine Making
Take a behind the scenes look at how the annual harvest becomes next years bottled vintages.


EPISODE 2230 - Sarah McLachlan
The purity of her voice and the beautiful harmonies all serve as a reminder of the reasons that McLachlan has gained worldwide acclaim.


EPISODE 2220 - Johnny Cash - 'Hurt"
Johnny Cash's performance is powerful and deep with emotion.


EPISODE 2210 - A Christmas Story
Its the 20th Anniversary of this quirky film and fans, old and new, follow young Ralphie Parker in his single- minded quest to obtain his ultimate Christmas present.


November, 2003


EPISODE 2160 - Connections
All things are connected in a web of life. We are merely a strand in that web.


EPISODE 2150 - In Response to Place - Bill Christenberry
This segment highlights photographer William Christenberry who photographs the Cahaba River in his native Alabama.


EPISODE 2140 - Museum of Contemporary Art
The exhibition features 12 of the newest projects in Gehrys studio.


EPISODE 2120 - Teen Driving Safety
Automobile accidents are the number one killer of teens.


EPISODE 2110 - John Lennon - Stand By Me
Fast Focus is privileged to offer this exclusive John Lennon short film.


October, 2003


EPISODE 2050 - Radiohead
Solitary drives helped inspire what would eventually become Radiohead's 6th album.


Dave Koz cements his reputation as one of the most expressive voices in the contemporary musical pantheon.


EPISODE 2020 - Steve Miller - Young Hearts
It's hard to find anyone who has done it as long, with such consistent excellence, as Miller and his group.


EPISODE 2010 - Shelby Lynne - Identity Crisis
A virtual one-woman project, with Lynne writing all the songs and performing all the vocals and guitars


EPISODE 1970 - Positive Parenting Halloween Tricks, Treats and Safety Tips
Halloween is a tricky holiday for parents of any age.


EPISODE 1960 - Why Are We Here? Narrated by Pierce Bronson
Every species has a part to play, what is ours?


EPISODE 1950 - Food Allergies
Nearly 3 Million children suffer from food allergies; it is important for these children to be properly diagnosed and prepared in order to prevent serious allergic reactions.


EPISODE 1940 - In Response to Place - Photographs of Hope Sandrow
In Response to Place in association with the Nature Conservancy is narrated by Joanne Woodward and takes a look at some of the most beautiful places on earth


EPISODE 1930 - Restoring the World's Wetlands
There is an amazing environmental success story to be discovered in South Australia, outside of Adelaide, along the banks of the River Murray.


EPISODE 1910 - The Fight Against Global Aids
Every 14 seconds, a child becomes orphaned due to AIDS. The global HIV/AIDS pandemic is destroying families - and entire communities - in some parts of the world.


September, 2003


EPISODE 1850 - The Magic Wand
Learn the secret behind pulling a Magic Wand out of a small coin purse.


EPISODE 1840 - Why Are We Here? Narrated by Morgan Freeman
It is the most difficult question weve ever asked and the most difficult to answer.


EPISODE 1830 - In Response to Place - Photographs of William Wegman
Artist William Wegman photographs his beloved Weimaraners in Cobscook Bay, ME


EPISODE 1820 - Stopping Bullies
How to help our kids cope with the schoolyard bully


August, 2003


EPISODE 1760 - The Magic Ribbon
Andrew Mayne reveals the secret of The Magic Ribbon


EPISODE 1740 - The Hidden City
Protect the coral and we protect the ocean. Protect the ocean and we protect the earth.


EPISODE 1730 - In Response to Place - Photographs of Fazal Sheikh
This short features the work of Fazal Sheikh


EPISODE 1720 - Preventing Brain Injuries in Athletes
A new device has been developed that may help prevent brain injuries.


July, 2003


EPISODE 1650 - The Wizard Daily News
This episode reveals the secrets of closeup magic using a simple newspaper.


EPISODE 1610 - New Mexico
Second in this continuing series, this program visits the Land of Enchantment


June, 2003


When I Grow Up is a children's program that shows kids the unlimited possibilities of what they can achieve if they use their imagination. Nine year old Shana, The Skateboarding Queen wants to become a professional skateboarder.
TRT 2:30


EPISODE 1550 - In Response to Place - Photographs of Mary Ellen Mark
In Response to Place in association with the Nature Conservancy is narrated by Joanne Woodward and takes a look at some of the most beautiful places on earth through the eyes and lenses of the worlds greatest Nature photographers. This second of a 13 part series highlights artist Mary Ellen Mark who photographs the symbiotic relationship between humans and land in two distinctly different parts of America: The Privoloff Islands in Alaska and the Virginia Eastern Shore. TRT 2:15


EPISODE 1540 - Shark Feeding
Ocean Vision explores the controversial practice of Shark Feeding Dives which was recently banned off the coastal waters of Florida. This program features spectacular underwater photography of sharks and their interaction with humans. TRT 3:45


EPISODE 1530 - Digital Cultural Exchange
Students from 12 schools in 8 countries participated in the YouthCan conference at New Yorks museum of Natural History. By taking digital photographs, and sharing them on the Internet, students were encouraged to reflect upon their perceptions of other countries in contrast to their knowledge of their own communities. TRT 3:00


EPISODE 1520 - Utah
We go on the road to truly discover Americas 50 states. This first filler is a continuing series explores the wonder and natural beauty of Utah. Filmed in 35 mm film, the images set to music and narrated by Rory Fielding is breathtaking. TRT 4:15


EPISODE 1510 - Soybeans in Space
Soybeans are a leading source of protein in the human diet a staple in livestock feed and is replacing petroleum in many consumer products. Soybeans in Space is a research study conducted aboard the International Space Station which made soybeans the only crop to be grown through its full life cycle from seed to seed in Space. We explore the results of that study. TRT 3:55


May, 2003


From their second album A Rush of Blood To The Head


From their second album 'A Rush of Blood To The Head


Her first major release in a decade featuring Sheryl Crowe and her father Johnny Cash


EPISODE 1410 - George Harrison's "Any Road"
the first George Harrison music video since "This is Love" from Cloud Nine in 1988.


EPISODE 1360 - The Sidney Kimmel Foundation Searching For a Cure


EPISODE 1340 - Andrew Mayne's WIZARD SCHOOL - Today's Lesson: The Magic Stretch
Aspiring wizards young and old alike are welcome to attend.


EPISODE 1330 - WHEN I GROW UP - Tyler Wants To Be A Helicopter Pilot
Tyler wants to be a helicopter pilot!


EPISODE 1320 - In Response to Place - Photographs of Richard Misrach
This short features the work of Richard Misrach


EPISODE 1310 - Cambodian Landmine Victims
introduces us to rehabilitative programs for Cambodian amputees


April, 2003


EPISODE 1290 - Positive Parenting
Kids today function in a pressure cooker, with sports, homework, school activities and tutoring to enhance their GPA


EPISODE 1220 - Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Cars Support the Fossil Fuel Free Age
In response to rising demand by an environmentally conscious public, and current world events, automobile makers are on the verge of delivering on the promise of Alternative Energy technology.


March, 2003


EPISODE 1110 - Diabetic Retinopathy, the Link Between Diabetes and Blindness
Diabetic Retinopathy, the Link Between Diabetes and Blindness


January, 2003


EPISODE 1010 - NASA Astronauts Visit the Ocean Floor Before Visiting Outer Space
NASA mission sends astronauts and support personnel to the Aquarius underwater habitat.


December, 2002


EPISODE 805 - Kenny G. Sets and Records Holiday Records


EPISODE 804 - Carlos Santana - Rock & Roll Shaman
An intimate visit with Rock & Roll icon, Carlos Santana.


EPISODE 803 - The Music of Tchaikovsky - The Nutcracker Super Tour
Fast Focus on The Music of Tchaikovsky


EPISODE 801 - George Harrison's Brainwashed - An Uplifting Tribute To a Man and His Music - Short Story
An uplifting tribute to a man and his music.


November, 2002


EPISODE 705 - Saving Our Wildlife and National Parks
Fast Focus on the Environment


EPISODE 704 - Helping Teens Budget and Manage Money


October, 2002


EPISODE 601 - Give Kids the World
Floridas best kept secret gives children with life threatening illnesses, and their families, a week long dream vacation at its fantasy resort...


July, 2002


EPISODE 301 - The New Harry Potter & the Sorcerers Stone Voice Activated DVD


March, 2008


Chantal talks about global awareness and traveling to third world countries.


Chantal talks about writing for other artists and performs a off her new Album




Chantal Kreviazuk talks about music today and how she got her start.


June, 2006


EPISODE 0 - Chef Jean-Pierre's Cheese Souffle


EPISODE 0 - Chef Jean-Pierre's Garlic Puree
A staple in many gourmet recipes, Jean-Pierre shares his secret in preparing Garlic so that you will literally have it available at your fingertips when you need it.


EPISODE 0 - Chef Jean-Pierre's Shrimp Ajillo


EPISODE 0 - Chef Jean-Pierre's Snapper Grenoblaise


EPISODE 0 - Chef Jean-Pierre's Shrimp & Scallop Scampi
A mouth-watering pasta dish with a secret ingredient.


EPISODE 0 - Chef Jean-Pierre's Tortellini a la Vodka


EPISODE 0 - Chef Jean-Pierre's Banana Foster
Jean-Pierre shows you how easy it is to prepare this classic dessert.


EPISODE 0 - Chef Jean-Pierre's Cashew Chicken
Jean-Pierre shares his favorite stir-fried chicken recipe.


EPISODE 0 - Chef Jean-Pierre's Stir Fried Chicken with Brocolli and Roasted Bell Peppers
A very simple meal to prepare, with an asian flair, that the whole family will love.




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