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Niger Families Desperate for Clean Water

For one woman, Kilma, finding water is a 30 minute round trip, a trip she will make 15 times today

Helping Disabled Pakistan Earthquake Survivors

UNICEF is helping Pakistans Disabled earthquake survivors.

Nutrition Crisis in Africa

U.N. appeals for help in Africa's starving Sahel Region.

Accessing The Health of the World's Coral Reefs

Florida's Coral Reef Monitoring Program is recognized by coral reef sanctuary managers around the world for its accuracy in revealing the health of coral reefs.

Running for a Cancer Cure

To celebrate his victory over cancer, pianist Martin Berkofsky set out on the run of his life.

The Heartache of Darfur

A rare in-depth glimpse of life in Darfur, Sudan, refugee camps.

International Teachers Program

Each year specially selected teachers share a unique journey building cultural bridges across the world.

Hurricane Relief

US Department of Agriculture is working to make sure that damage from Hurricanes Charley, Frances, and now Jeanne doesnt result in more damage in the future. Bob Ellison Reports.

World's Largest Wine Bottle Auctioned for Hunger

Measuring four and half feet tall, this record breaking bottle holds over 1200 glasses of wine.

The Whole of Greece In One Smile

To commemorate the Olympic Games in Athens, is a photomontage spanning over 5000 square feet and made up of almost 17,000 photos.

Around the World for Parkinson's Disease

The Longitude Expedition is an overland adventure circumnavigating the globe, to raise awareness of Parkinson's Disease.

Street Children

A moving story highlighting the heart wrenching danger and despair abandoned children face worldwide.

The Fight Against Global Aids

Every 14 seconds, a child becomes orphaned due to AIDS. The global HIV/AIDS pandemic is destroying families - and entire communities - in some parts of the world.

Cambodian Landmine Victims

introduces us to rehabilitative programs for Cambodian amputees



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