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The Canadian Seal Hunt

Canada's contentious seal hunt will soon start. Paul McCartney and his wife, Heather Mills McCartney, who took to the ice flows in the Gulf of St. Lawrence called the practice a "stain on the character of the Canadian people."

Scouts Are Taught Conservation

Scouts attending the National Scout Jamboree learned about the science of conservation. Bob Ellison reports.

Mount Saint Helens Revisited

After over 25 years of aftermath from the Mount Saint Helens Eruption in 1980, we take a look at the progress of the rebirth of this formerly desolate area.

Monterey Bay Aquarium - Inspiring Ocean Conservation

The non-profit Monterey Bay Aquariums mission is to inspire and conserve our oceans.

Fishing In Guam

4-H members on the Pacific island of Guam are learning life lessons through fishing.

Biological Treasure

NOAA's new Office of Exploration creates a new program to search for deep sea organisms with bio-pharmaceutical potential.

Marine Animal Models for Human Diseases

Dr. Albert Smith works to educate his fellow physicians about the valuable insights simple marine animals can provide for better understanding of human diseases.

Rebuilding Fish Populations

A University of Miami marine researcher adapts a powerful calculus algorithm that predicts the environmental and human activity factors that affect the reef fish populations on Florida's coral reefs.

Accessing The Health of the World's Coral Reefs

Florida's Coral Reef Monitoring Program is recognized by coral reef sanctuary managers around the world for its accuracy in revealing the health of coral reefs.

Ocean Vision - Deep Reef Conservation

for decades, many deep coral reefs have been subjected to destructive fishing techniques that flatten these ancient animal cities

Jellies "Living Art"

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is exploring the relationship between nature and artistic expression with its newest exhibit Jellies: Living Art.

Recent Ban on Caviar

The global trade of caviar has been halted by CITES, (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) a United Nations agency.

National Parks Conservation Association - PSA

Bring history to life for you and your family by visiting a national park. America's Spirit lives on in our national parks.

Fighting Tree Killing Beetles

A USDA supported program is helping to stop a destructive pest in the Pacific Northwest.

International Student Environmental Contest

15 finalist teams, from 5 continents, spent a week in Gteburg, Sweden where they each presented 5 minute programs detailing plans to protect their local environment

Ocean Vision - Devastation of Elk Horn Coral

Elk Horn Coral is being decimated throughout the Caribbean at an alarming rate. The loss of this magnificent coral is equivalent to the loss of all the redwoods in Sequoia National Park.

Ocean Conservation Monterey Bay

Below the oceans surface is a world filled with creatures one might think could only live in the imagination. Unfortunately, if their natural habitats are not conserved, that might one day be true.

EPA - Air Quality Index

Machines turn the wheels of commerce and industry. However, some of them discharge gases and microscopic particles into the air that, over a period of time, could seriously affect your health.

In Response to Place - Photographs of Sally Mann

Sally Mann travels to the Yucatan to use color film in her antique, large format camera for the first time.

From Food Scraps to Fine Wine

Thanks to one of the most innovative recycling program in America, food scraps which would have ended in landfills are collected, and turned into high quality compost.

In Response to Place - Photographs of Terry Evans

For two decades, Evans has photographed the remnants of what was once an ocean of grassland the tall grass prairie

In Response to Place - Photographs of Annie Leibovitz

Best known for her celebrity portraits, Leibovitz this time chose to create landscapes of the Shawangunk Mountains near her country home in upstate New York.


All things are connected in a web of life. We are merely a strand in that web.

In Response to Place - Bill Christenberry

This segment highlights photographer William Christenberry who photographs the Cahaba River in his native Alabama.

Why Are We Here? Narrated by Pierce Bronson

Every species has a part to play, what is ours?

In Response to Place - Photographs of Hope Sandrow

In Response to Place in association with the Nature Conservancy is narrated by Joanne Woodward and takes a look at some of the most beautiful places on earth

Restoring the World's Wetlands

There is an amazing environmental success story to be discovered in South Australia, outside of Adelaide, along the banks of the River Murray.

Why Are We Here? Narrated by Morgan Freeman

It is the most difficult question weve ever asked and the most difficult to answer.

In Response to Place - Photographs of William Wegman

Artist William Wegman photographs his beloved Weimaraners in Cobscook Bay, ME

The Hidden City

Protect the coral and we protect the ocean. Protect the ocean and we protect the earth.

In Response to Place - Photographs of Fazal Sheikh

This short features the work of Fazal Sheikh

In Response to Place - Photographs of Mary Ellen Mark

In Response to Place in association with the Nature Conservancy is narrated by Joanne Woodward and takes a look at some of the most beautiful places on earth through the eyes and lenses of the worlds greatest Nature photographers. This second of a 13 part series highlights artist Mary Ellen Mark who photographs the symbiotic relationship between humans and land in two distinctly different parts of America: The Privoloff Islands in Alaska and the Virginia Eastern Shore. TRT 2:15

Shark Feeding

Ocean Vision explores the controversial practice of Shark Feeding Dives which was recently banned off the coastal waters of Florida. This program features spectacular underwater photography of sharks and their interaction with humans. TRT 3:45

In Response to Place - Photographs of Richard Misrach

This short features the work of Richard Misrach

Saving Our Wildlife and National Parks

Fast Focus on the Environment



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