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Where Do You Sleep?

The Aureole Trio and Opera Star Heidi Grant Murphy perform a lullaby.

Open Season - I Wanna Lose Control (Uh Oh)

Deathray sings this cool hit from the movie 'OPEN SEASON'

Scouts Are Taught Conservation

Scouts attending the National Scout Jamboree learned about the science of conservation. Bob Ellison reports.

Missing Kids

One organization has helped find more than 1,500 missing children and bring them home.

Kid Inventors

The creativity and inventiveness of children may have found a positive resource for harnessing it's potential and getting the recognition it deserves.

Page Turner Adventures - Painting With Words

Page shows Kenny how to bring his writing to life with sparkling, exciting, fantastic, marvelously descriptive words!

International Teachers Program

Each year specially selected teachers share a unique journey building cultural bridges across the world.

Safe Kids

Nearly 700 children die every year in motor vehicle related pedestrian accidents.

Page Turner Adventures - THIS IS ONLY A TEST!

Flash is nervous about taking the RATs (Rodent Achievement Test). Kenny gives him important test-taking tips he learned while taking the FCAT (Funny Clown Achievement Test).

Effective Parenting - Do As I Say, Not As I Did

Its not too long ago that parents of todays teens did some experimenting of their ownso what message do you send to your teen about drugs and alcohol?

Page Turner Adventures - THIS IS ONLY A TEST!

The introduction to a series of 40 hilarious stories designed to take the stress out of high-stakes testing while reinforcing important language arts concepts.

Saving for College

A new program has been launched designed to assist parents in saving for their childrens college education.

International Student Environmental Contest

15 finalist teams, from 5 continents, spent a week in Gteburg, Sweden where they each presented 5 minute programs detailing plans to protect their local environment

Supporting Children in The Child Welfare System

Each year, more than 500,000 children in the United States are thrust into court through no fault of their own.

Child Passenger Safety

Injuries among children could be reduced if parents would always buckle up their children in a child safety seat appropriate for their age and size. According to the NHTSA claims at least four of five children who should ride in booster seats do not.

Miles For Kids In Need

Travel can become both financially and emotionally overwhelming for a family with a sick child. Miles For Kids in Need helps ease this burden and ensures that airfare is not a roadblock to proper treatment.

Street Children

A moving story highlighting the heart wrenching danger and despair abandoned children face worldwide.

Effective Parenting - Tips for Preventing Substance Use

Susan Kelleher shares strategies on helping to keep kids from using and abusing substances.

New Alternative to Dropout Problem Among Young Adults

Kids who have failed or dropped out of school can now enroll in an alternative school such as the Life Skills Center in Elyria, Ohio.

Positive Parenting - Too Much Time Online

How do you protect your kids from online stalkers and porn as they explore the wonders of the World Wide Web? From the New York University Child Study Center.

Teen Driving Safety

Automobile accidents are the number one killer of teens.

Positive Parenting Halloween Tricks, Treats and Safety Tips

Halloween is a tricky holiday for parents of any age.

The Magic Wand

Learn the secret behind pulling a Magic Wand out of a small coin purse.

Stopping Bullies

How to help our kids cope with the schoolyard bully

The Magic Ribbon

Andrew Mayne reveals the secret of The Magic Ribbon

Preventing Brain Injuries in Athletes

A new device has been developed that may help prevent brain injuries.

The Wizard Daily News

This episode reveals the secrets of closeup magic using a simple newspaper.


When I Grow Up is a children's program that shows kids the unlimited possibilities of what they can achieve if they use their imagination. Nine year old Shana, The Skateboarding Queen wants to become a professional skateboarder.
TRT 2:30

Digital Cultural Exchange

Students from 12 schools in 8 countries participated in the YouthCan conference at New Yorks museum of Natural History. By taking digital photographs, and sharing them on the Internet, students were encouraged to reflect upon their perceptions of other countries in contrast to their knowledge of their own communities. TRT 3:00

Andrew Mayne's WIZARD SCHOOL - Today's Lesson: The Magic Stretch

Aspiring wizards young and old alike are welcome to attend.

WHEN I GROW UP - Tyler Wants To Be A Helicopter Pilot

Tyler wants to be a helicopter pilot!

Positive Parenting

Kids today function in a pressure cooker, with sports, homework, school activities and tutoring to enhance their GPA

Helping Teens Budget and Manage Money

Give Kids the World

Floridas best kept secret gives children with life threatening illnesses, and their families, a week long dream vacation at its fantasy resort...



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