Andrea Bocelli

Born September 1958, Andrea Bocelli grew up on the family farm set among the vineyards and olive groves of Tuscany. The farm includes a vineyard from which Andreas father still produces small amounts of Bocelli Chianti. Andreas love of opera was apparent from an early age and he feels he was destined to sing. In 1992, Pavarotti first heard Andrea sing and was impressed. They later developed a friendship, with Andrea performing at Pavarottis annual charity concert and gaining a worldwide following. Today, tenor Andrea Bocelli has developed into one of the best selling performers in the world, with a voice that evokes romance and emotion. In his latest work, titled Andrea, Bocelli calls his most personal and passionate. It was also the first to be recorded in his home studio in Tuscany. Fast Focus is proud to present a personal profile with performance footage of Andrea Bocelli


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